Arthur Murray Rising Star

A Worldwide Dance Community Dedicated to Funding Scholarships for the Dance Stars of Tomorrow

Fundraise For Your Cause

Granting scholarships for educational programs to risings stars looking to take the next steps in their dance career.

Dance Training

Providing access to valuable training about both the business of dance and learning more about the artistic craft itself.

Competition Funding

Funding the costs for rising stars to attend competitions worldwide as well as to assist the cost of participation in all dance activities.

Our Recent Rising Star Campaign

Support specific causes with our local Arthur Murray studio campaigns! Choose one below to support.

Arthur Murray Lakewood

Our studio is particularly excited to sponsor Dmytro Roshchupkin, an 18-year-old Ukrainian refugee. The proceeds from your donation will be used to directly support Dmytro’s travel expenses, English classes, housing, clothing, training and all other basic necessities.

Have An Idea For A Campaign?

Do you represent an Arthur Murray studio looking to sponsor a student? The aim of the Foundation is to provide funding to career minded artistic individuals by granting scholarships for educational programs, basic necessities, competition costs, and more.

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Dancing Can Change People’s Lives


Dancing works like a stress and tension reducer. For people on a hectic schedule, it can become a passion that helps you improve your attitude and increase your confidence in both social and business situations.


Learning dance instruction will help you achieve your goals in dancing. Your dance education will consist of taking the time necessary to learn technique, styling, and have general dance improvement.

See how this foundation is currently making a difference for dancers in Ukraine!

Testimonials for the Arthur Murray Rising Star Foundation

Discover why dancers and supporters worldwide are raving about the Arthur Murray Rising Star Foundation!

I’m thrilled to support the Arthur Murray Rising Star Foundation. As a former ballroom dancer, I know how important it is to provide young talent with opportunities to shine. This organization is doing great work to help dancers achieve their dreams and keep the art of dance alive.

Sarah Anderson

I’ve been a longtime supporter of the Arthur Murray Rising Star Foundation, and I’m continually impressed by their commitment to making dance accessible to everyone. They’re doing incredible work to create a more diverse and inclusive dance community, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

George Flavius

The Arthur Murray Rising Star Foundation is making a real impact in the dance world. Their support of young dancers, teachers, and studios is making it possible for people all over the world to experience the joy of dance. I’m grateful for the work they do, and I encourage anyone who loves dance to get involved.

Peter Oliver

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